Ad Astral Podcast, Episode 35:

Keeping Score - Shownotes

Submitted by DJ Burnham on 23rd December 2020

(Keeping Score was written in 2008 on the Greek island of Astypalia. It first appeared on in 2008. Ad Astral first started broadcasting the following year.)

At the time of recording this broadcast the world is still in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, but various vaccines are starting to be administered.

I originally called the band First Aid Kit, but changed it to First Among Equals (a name that would disquieten and a society based on numerical hierarchy and suggest subversion from the outset). In 2009 – the year after I wrote the story – Sue and I saw First Aid Kit for the first time in the Tipi tent at End of The Road Festival. It was a spellbinding set and they have gone on to produce some fabulous albums and play some pretty big gigs, so I thought I should change the band name in the story. The central character is called Bri Allen; Briallen is an old welsh word for primrose, (Bri for short) the first flower of spring.

I liked the idea of playing with the injustices of privilege and having travelled in India just before I wrote it the caste system motivated me to explore the concepts. It seemed amusing to think that a future society could find the use of sub-primary references, such as second, third and even the unspeakable forth as being their equivalent of swearing.

The artwork shows the First Among Equals band logo, album cover detail, Otto’s skull tattoo and primroses in the background.

I’ve also included the original artwork in these shownotes with the First Aid Kit badge/band logo. Both were conceived as the artwork for the band’s “Go Fourth” four track EP download.


Our Guest Voice Actors:

All of the actors in this episode were able to record their parts at home and send them over to me as we were in Lockdown or Tier 2 Covid restrictions at the time of recording.

I am really grateful to them for their kind contributions and involvement...lovely people.

Nick Pynn: An electro-acoustic stringed multi-instrumentalist songwriter, composer and performer, Nick performs on a variety of instruments including 5 string violin, guitars, mountain dulcimer, mandocello and banjo. He plays these live whilst his feet live-loop and play bass pedals. Nick Pynn has also performed as a sideman with many musicians and comedians over the years, including Stewart Lee, Arthur Brown, Boothby Graffoe, B*Witched, Steve Harley, Mike Heron (Incredible String Band), Beverley Martyn, Otis Lee Crenshaw (Rich Hall) and Omid Djalili. Nick also plays with Stomp’s ‘Lost and Found Orchestra’. Having won Edinburgh’s Spirit of the Fringe and Brighton’s Star of the Festival awards and co-winning the Three Weeks Editor’s Award with Jane Bom-Bane, Nick co-won the ‘Best Music Event’ category Brighton Latest award last year with Kate Daisy Grant for their show in the Brighton Fringe. Nick performs regularly with Kate Daisy Grant.

Check out NICK PYNN's Website HERE.

Kate Daisy Grant is an established singer-songwriter. Signed as a songwriter to Sony/ATV in 2005, she produced her first album 'Kate Daisy Grant', with producer Ken Rose. Kate was asked to contribute new songs and additional score for feature film 'Mr Right' in 2009 and had several songs used in the 'Voices in the Head' episode of Jon Ronson's BBC Radio 4 show. She continues to have music featured in TV and film internationally.
Kate performed in award-winning runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and Brighton Fringewith her partner Nick Pynn - since 2011, they have developed a twin live-looped show: a two-person orchestra combining their folk, toy, found item and invented instruments: piano, 5 string violin, toy instruments, theremin, singing saw, wine glasses, glockenspiel, kazoo, banjo and antique floor cymbal.

Check out KATE DAISY GRANT's Website HERE.

Shapeshifter Jules Lawrence: Jules is a self-styled, one-man junkyard orchestra.

A player of assorted saxes, flute & harmonica, he is also one of the very few people who's ever bothered to work out how to get a tune out of a musical saw (jews harps, repurposed spring reverbs & a multitude of other stuff too).

As a member of country blues outfit, The Swamp Things, he shared stages with Jools Holland's Rhythm and Blues Orchestra, Paul Jones' Blues Band, RL Burnside and Alabama 3 as well as touring Europe on several occasions. As a member of The Dime Store Jive Revue, he spent time playing in New Orleans as part of a Burlesque festival.

He has also worked on producing live soundtracks for silent movies, performance art pieces & was a member of Mudlow, and Simonne And The Dark Stars. Numerous collaborations with author Mike Russell, as well as a variety of other works, can be found HERE:

Jules can currently be found as quarter of experimental rock band Caaw as well as in the horn section of Fat45 and (occasionally) in The Urban Voodoo Machine.

Roy Weard had been many different things. In the 1970s he had several bands that performed in venues around the East End of London, from ‘Stranger than Yesterday’, who supported the ‘Pink Floyd’ in the Fishmonger’s Arms in 1972 through ‘Grope’ to ‘Wooden Lion a fixture at the Windsor and Watchfield Free festivals. He released albums with ‘Dogwatch’ (1979), ‘Roy Weard and Last Post’ (1981) before quitting performing to stand behind the mixing desk for many well known artists such as Donovan, Kevin Ayers, John Cale, Manfred Mann’s Earthband, Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel, Eric Burdon and many more. In 2009 he went back to performing with ‘That Legendary Wooden Lion’ who released ‘Writing In A Skeleton Key’ in 2011 before putting out ‘This House In Amber’ under his own name in 2017 (Both of these albums feature guest appearances from Nick Pynn). Since then he has been back behind the mixing desk for the Medieval Prog band ‘Gryphon’, and the is the house sound tech at Trading Boundaries as well as being live recording engineer for Graham Parker, Camel, and others. He is a qualified Scuba Diving Instructor, a radio show presenter for The Real Music Club, and has also written his autobiography, ‘The Way To(o) Weard’(published by Gonzo Multimedia) as well as completing one and a half, so far unpublished, novels.

Find out more here HERE:

Jon Wood plays acoustic and electric guitar with folk rock band The Fold, as well as releasing his own solo project album One to Five.

He can also be heard in bluesy, psychedelic, jazzy, progressive rock band The Unquiet Things and new project These Tall Trees.

As mentioned in the podcast, Jon Wood's new album "These Tall Trees" is now available on iTunes: Here

Music in this episode

Introduction Music: ‘Dr One’ by Nick Pynn from the album Buffalo Orbison

‘Harpies’ by That Legendary Wooden Lion from the album Writing In a Skeleton Key

‘Here Be Monsters’ by Jon Wood and Jules Lawrence

Closing music: ‘Boy Who Cries For The World’ by Kate Daisy Grant from the album Portrait

Credits and details from The Freesound Project and foley sources

Scene 1
Introduction Music: ‘Dr One’ by Nick Pynn from the album Buffalo Orbison

Scene 2

Background computer humm = Computer_Hum.wav by Audiofreak1978 of

Door squeak = Garageband

Intercom = intercom-in.AIFF by bevibeldesign of

Scene 3 

‘Harpies’ by That Legendary Wooden Lion from the album Writing In a Skeleton Key

Police car arriving = BBC - Dial 999 - Police car arrive with yelp siren at

Police car departing = BBC - Dial 999 - Police car start and depart with yelp siren at

Scene 4

Interior of Police vehicle = BBC - Police Car (Jaguar: Interior) - Police car, interior, starts and ticks over. (Jaguar police car.) at:

Gunshots = BBC - Small Arms Fire - Automatic rifle firing in bursts at:

Van skids to halt = BBC Skids - Car approach & skid at

Lasering = Industry – BBC - Oxy-acetylene torch cutting sheet metal at

Car drives off = 01287 fast starting car 3.wav by Robinhood76 of

Interior of car = Car interior_Impala_freeway_night-7eqa_01-02.wav by bryguyllotr of

Scene 5

Taxi interior = Car Driving Interior Perspective by Kinoton of

Car doors = CarDoorOpenClose4.wav by phenoxy of

Taxi leaves fast = BBC Skids - Car approach & skid at

Car drives off = 01287 fast starting car 3.wav by Robinhood76 of

Interior of car = Car interior_Impala_freeway_night-7eqa_01-02.wav by bryguyllotr of

Rank Outsiders’ car door close = car door close.wav by monotraum of

Scene 6

Rank Outsiders together = Lobby Conversation from Garageband

Scene 8
‘Here Be Monsters’ by Jon Wood and Jules Lawrence

Scene 9

Loud Hailer – DJ Burnham

Door battered = BBC Demolition - Axe blows on door at

Attack sounds = BBC News Sound Effects Tape - Street battle at:

Shouting Rank Outsiders = BBC Battle Crowd with men taunting and jeering

Sobbing = Woman crying by aarrnnoo of the Freesound Project

Screams = Girl Screaming_05.wav by tomattka of the Freesound Project

Scene 10

Closing music: ‘Boy Who Cries For The World’ by Kate Daisy Grant from the album Portrait

Other effects:

Various from Apple’s Garageband library.

Other effects tailor-made by Ad Astral.

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