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The Lazy Kings from Transe Express

A festive fantasia based on a French fairytale of nomadic kings, debonair charlatans and inspired jokers.

Six indolent monarchs attempt to fulfill their own personal quests, borne on extraordinary chariots.

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Mortibus Orgiac relives his own funeral, reclining on a opulent hearse drawn a pair of mechanical zebras, surrounded by wailing lamenters and giant skeletons.


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Hiero Nemo is escorted by a mechanical fish in a tank.

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The Witch on Wheels rides on a mythical creature with the body of a fish and the tail of a scorpion, atop two giant wheels turned by a pair of half-rat beings.

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Naz 3rd By Name reclines on the royal haystack in the shade of a prune tree, while an entourage of bell ringers and moo box manipulators help in his search for a bride.


Converging on a 25 metre high mechanical coconut tree, the branches reach out and lift the kings high above the ground for a spectacular display of trapeze, corde lisse and derring-do.

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