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www.djburnham.com, Photography, All images are for sale - proceeds go to WWF, David Burnham, D.J. Burnham, Dave Burnham

All of the images on this website are for sale

All of the proceeds will go to the WWF

All photographic images can be purchased for a small donation and are available in hi-res' 1Mb format (downloadable from a separate site to overcome any Mac/PC/application problems) All of the website images are saved around 174k at low-res' for swift download, so the quality of the 1Mb pictures is considerably greater. See example here.

The amount is up to you - from a few pounds to whatever you feel is appropriate

Just give the name of the image as it appears on the relevant page and e-mail a request, you will then be given an address to which to send your donation and once the cheque has cleared you will be e-mailed with the details of how to download your chosen image.

At the end of each month all monies received will be forwarded to the WWF by djburnham.com

Contact djburnham.com here




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