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www.djburnham.com, Photography, Images of Musicians, The Dayglo Pirates Christmas gig at the Portland, Hove, 20th December 2003, David Burnham, D.J. Burnham, Dave Burnham


Paul 1

Paul 2

Simon 1

Paul, Simon, Tom and Steve

Paul 3

Simon and Paul 1

Tom 1

Steve, Paul and David 1

Steve, Paul and David 2

Simon and Paul 2

Paul 4

Paul 5

Steve 1

Simon, Paul and Tom

Colourful Paul

Tom 2

Steve, Paul and David 3


Members of

The Dayglo Pirates Appreciation Society

- Dartford Branch!

The D.P.A.S. petition to play

"Up The 'Pool"

With no rehearsal!

Paul rises manfully to the occasion

+ ad-libbing:-

"The iron tower smiles down upon the silver sea

and all along the golden mile they'll be swigging cups of tea.

The politicians there who've come to take the air

while posing for the daily press

will look around and blame the mess

on Tony Blair."

Paul 6

Paul 7

Paul and Simon Colourful

Simon Lancelot Two Recorders Taylor

Mother Goose

Festive Stuffing

Goose Worriers

Paul and Simon

Tom 3

Paul Equestrian 1

Paul Equestrian 2

Steve and David 1

Tinsel Man

"Ian Calling"

Male Voice Choir

Tom 4

Steve and David 2

Curtain Call

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The Dayglo Pirates

The Premier Jethro Tull Tribute band