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Welcome to the homepage for DJ Burnham


Each page will give you information on the availability of new writing, artwork and images, as well as links to other sites that may be of interest to you.



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The Writing section

An introduction to the debut novel undergoing editing, a growing short science fiction stories page, poetry, podcasts, interviews, and archives for Gig & album reviews etc.

Published SEPTEMBER 2010


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Published JULY 2007


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The first collection of DJ Burnham's short stories

(6 of which are new and previously unpublished)

A young man's inheritance takes him on a road trip across the
surface of Mars…

An intergalactic travel agency spots an opportunity for a new
holiday destination…

Alien evangelists assess Earth for spiritual uniformity…

A green-fingered mystery man vanishes, leaving a trail of clues
on a futuristic Internet auction site…

An extra-terrestrial celebrity chef planet-hops from one
gastronomic experience to another…

These and many more are to be found in the first collection of
stories from DJ Burnham

All of the profits from the sale of the book will go to WWF .


What they say:


"…reminiscent of the best sci-fi short stories written in the nineteen fifties and sixties…
… If you read as much as I do you often get a feel for where the story is taking you and often get to the twist before the author does, but Borrowed Time had me guessing right to the end…"

Charles Packer, Sci-fi Online

Read Charles' full review by clicking here



"For a first collection, there is a very high hit ratio of really good stories. He makes his characters and story the focus of his writing, letting the ideas be a tool for the telling, rather than focus the story on the scientific idea ‚ which makes a nice change from many other short science fiction stories Iíve read."

Rob Spalding, Whispers of Wickedness

Read Rob's full review by clicking here


"Each story in this collection is a mini- masterpiece; there is no better way than describing them. That is by no means an exaggeration. What DJ does with such precision is describe each detail so vividly and exactly that he draws you- seemingly without effort- in to his warped wonderful world. This is, quite simply put, a must have book."

– PS Gifford


“If I had a stable of DJ Burnhams, I could retire early. Burnham's work is immensely rewarding – deep, rich characterization and setting constructed over frameworks that could effortlessly translate into longer forms. He respects the reader – no hand-holding here, just an intelligent, thoughtful and thought provoking writing practice. His work often leaves the reader wanting more, just as it should be. Burnham commands the worlds he forges, realms where the potential for wry humor is just as likely as the simmering undercurrent of tension and fear that is perhaps his forte. His is a talent to which all writers of sf should aspire: classic, dignified, and undeniably fresh in its subtle confrontation of modernity. Burnham is one of the finest writers with whom I've had the pleasure to work, and I can only hope that he does not soon put down the pen.”

– Paul Hughes, executive editor of Silverthought


"An unorthodox style that works well."

– Bewildering Stories


The Artwork section

Album cover and Book cover designs, Sci Fi Artwork, Drawings, Logos and on-going projects project.




The Photography section

Images of Egypt, Festivals, India and Musicians



The site is constantly being updated as new projects are completed, so thanks for dropping by and please come back soon to see what's new.

LAST UPDATED : 12.9.2015


Published SEPTEMBER 2010


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Ad Astral Podcast, Episode 27:

Writer of Future Dreams

Submitted by DJ Burnham on Sunday 28th June 2015

Imagine being able to run a program while you are asleep for the ultimate dream, but where would it all end?


It was written in June 2010 on the island of Paros in Greece.

This is the first time it has appeared anywhere.


46.56 minutes (56.7MB)

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