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The Island of Arki (APKOI) - Northern Dodecanese

(Images & Information as of September 2004)


Just 4km long and 1km wide with 40, or so, inhabitants.

On this occassion the Nissos Kalymnos is seen docking at Arki

The Harbour of Port Augusta

Rooms available from tavernas:-

Arki : (0030) 22470 32371

Tripos : (0030) 22470 32230

Arki has the "Blue Lagoon" of Tiganákia cove in the southeast, but no real beaches.


Maráthi is an islet lying just off Arki and has a sandy beach which is reached by Patmos daytrippers (quite a goaty island, apparantly).

Rooms available from tavernas:-

Pandelis : (0030) 22470 32609

Mihalis : (0030) 22470 31805


Travel - See the Níssos Kálymnos Page


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