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The Island of Astypalaia - Most westerly of the Dodecanese

(Images & Information as of September 2008)

The island of Astypalaia (Astipalea or Astypalea) floats like a butterfly in the southern Aegean, named after the daughter of King Phoenix who, in Greek mythology, was abducted by Poseidon in the form of a winged, fish-tailed leopard. Its comparative remoteness protects it from mass tourism, and the predominantly Greek visitors prevent the dilution of both the traditional ambience and the intrinsic welcome from the locals (filoxenia). We’ve always been made welcome in Greece, but there was a tangible sincerity and warmth on Astypalaia, be it a taverna, fruit shop or a passing stranger. There is a village-like sensibility that seems to pervade Astypalean society, somewhat incredulous of the pace of life of city folks. Things get done, but in their own time and pottering along at a relaxed pace.

We stayed in Chora on the hill (you need to be reasonably able-bodied to deal with the steps and steep roads from the harbour up to Chora) opposite the kastro which afforded the most extraordinary views of the castle, Chora, Pera Gialos and the harbour below, over to the nearby group of islets and the resort of Maltezana (Analipsi) in the distance – in a word: epic.


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