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The Ionian Island of


(Images & Information as of September 2005)

Imbued with a tranquil majesty, Kefaloniá boasts beautiful scenery that ranges from lush fertility to mountain epics, amazing caves, excellent beaches (one of which - Myrtos - is one of the most photographed in Greece), picturesque villages and harbours, superb food and a splendid range of local wines. The island's natural verdancy is seen in the form of countless olive trees, Italian cypress popping up like exclamation marks, orchids in spring, crocus and cyclamen in autumn, as well as the National Park and the wonderful endemic Abies cephalonia - the fir trees that sit atop the mountain peaks. This is echoed by the locals' love of gardening (and the apparent abundance of garden centres on the island) creating a glorious abundance of oleander, bougainvillea, palms, roses, lavender, pelargoniums and cacti, to name but a few; let alone the passion for home grown produce.


It is an island that inspires poetic whimsy.


The sun and wind caress with an alluring softness, as the island enchants her visitors and leaves them with a longing to return.

Beaches range from sandy to shingle to pebbles, and the blue/indigo water is crystal-clear. There are buses, taxis, boats, organised trips and the like, although the best way to get about is by car.

The links immediately below will take you to a page with images and information on a particular area. During our stay on Kefaloniá we stayed in Avithos and used it as a base to explore much of the rest of the island. The places we visited are listed below and we hope that they will give you a taste of what awaits you, there are still many more places we'd like to see and trips we'd like to take, and we'll be going back for certain, but the links at the bottom of the page will take you to other areas which we didn't have time to visit.




Drogaráti Cave



Káto Kateliós

A stroll through Domáta,

Kaligáta & Kourkomeláta




Melissáni Lake

Monastery of Ag. Gerásimos





Ag. Theódori Lighthouse



Travelling to Kefaloniá

Ferry from Argostóli to Lixoúri


Tavernas & Food

Getting around


Kefalonián Cats

Other useful sources of information




We picked up a high detail map in Argostóli to help with the complicated bits, this one was from freytag & bernst ISBN : 3-7079-0015-0.

There is also a map by Road Editions, based on the Hellenic Army map - the Kefalonia one is No.304, 1:70,000.








Landmark Visitors Guide by Brian & Eileen Anderson ISBN: 1-84306-176-7

Great book of 90+ pages which sets out loads of useful information, photos and suggested walks/tours