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The Island of Milos - Cyclades

(Images & Information as of September 2007)

The last island of the chain of Mikres Cyclades, which includes Sifnos and Serifos, Milos reminds the visitor of Santorini with the large caldera bay shape, but its size and geological variety make it a hidden jewel. That same mineral wealth has meant that the island hasn't had to rely too heavily on tourism, but has an embarassment of natural beauty forged in the volcanic age when an infant Zeus played on her shores with a thermoplastic bucket and spade.

There are a few select photos below which give some idea of what Milos has to offer and a list of other sites worth checking out for further information.



Adamas as seen from the fishing boat/yacht jetty on left and as seen from Bomarda beach on the right

Bell in arch at the Kimisi Theotokos church in Adamas and Taverna Kunigos

View from Papakinos beach round the bay from Adamas

Round the island boat trip from Adamas harbour- highly recommended for a visual feast of the unique coastline of the island. For an itinerary and photographs of the trip click Here.

View from Villa Notos where we stayed - wonderful accomodation: find the Villa Notos website here



The Church of the Genesis of the Virgin Mother on left and lovely backstreet step view on right

Ceramic shop by night and early evening taverna on backstreet

Prickly pear cacti and early evening view over Plaka from church by Kastro

View over Plaka at twilight and sunset taken from the Utopia bar



A lazy lunch overlooking the sea at Taverna Captain Nikolas

View along the beach and across the harbour with Kimolos in the background

Agios Nicholas and one of the many attactive fishing boats



Twin towers at the chruch in Tripiti, from where you make your way down the hill and find the spot where the Venus de Milo (now in the Louvre in Paris) was discovered

A little further on you find the Roman Theatre and then follow the path back round to find your way up to the Christian Catacombs




Kimolos is a small island that lies North East of Milos and can be reached by the ferry that shuttles between Pollonia on Milos and the Port of Psathi on Kimolos

Psathi with Kimolos town (Horio) above, and the ferry from Pollonia

There's a little bus that climbs the hill up to the town at fairly regular intervals. Once you get there the labyrithine backstreets of the town are a joy to explore.

With paths that wind and climb around, bringing you out into little squares and photogenic surprises




If you have the opportunity to visit Milos then we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.

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