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The loveGods

At The Komedia

as part of "Brighton Live"

Tuesday 4th October 2005

Launch Party for debut album

"Audience of One"

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2005 All Rights Reserved

To say that The loveGods give a spirited performance would be to understate the obvious, but their passion and chemistry entrances the audience and has them grinning like loons. Part mischievous riot grrl, part inspirational free spirit, Deah's vocals fire the soul one moment and pierce your heart the next, while her captivating stagecraft is visually magnetic and a joy to behold. Their music is a confident blend of all that's great about rock/blues, with occasional dustings of perky-punky playfulness, while giving the songs room to breath and creating a heady blend that they've made their own. The loveGods fill the venue with such charm that you leave it feeling like you were an integral part of their gig.

They're a good lookin', butootie-shakin', groovin' delight and we're well and truly hooked.


Visit the loveGods fab' Website here