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Luxor Temple

Viewed from the west

Avenue of Sphinxes

First Pylon Ramses II

Sphinx - human face

The avenue once led to Karnak

Roman chapel (headless Isis)

First Pylon - Obelisk and Colossi of Ramses II

Tuthmosis III barque shrine

Mut, Amun, Khonsu

Mosque of Abu el-Haggag (far right)

Ramses II granite statue

Bound prisoners from Nubia & Asia

Scene from Optet festival

Colonnade of Amenophis III

Hypostyle Hall

Detail of relief

Exterior of the Sanctuary of Amun's Barque - 1

Exterior of the Sanctuary of Amun's Barque - 2

Guide in front of an oft touched cross

Rimbaud's name carved high up

on a wall near the Nile

Luxor Temple at Dusk

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