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Goats still their bells in afternoon shade,
Sleepy siesta in climbing centigrade,
We do the same and bless the gentle breeze,
Under the hissing, rustling tamarisk canopies.

Traversing shoreline stones into the Aegean,
An any-day match for the Caribbean,
Immersed in a sandy-bedded blood-cooling bath,
We swim,
We float,
Then we laugh.

Suspended in the water,
And in time,
Our friend waves to the beach,
To her valentine,
We applaud the move to her island home,
Grey-skied traffic jams left well alone.

Caiques chug by the harbour wall,
Nets filled,
Fruits of their trawl,
The quayside draws nearer,
Wakes ripple the mirror.

The setting sun spills liquid gold across the bay,
Roosting sparrows chatter about their day,
A gliding yacht chased by its faithful tender,
Farmhouse on a hilltop silhouetted in molten splendour.

The filoxenia of aqua marine c’est magnifique,
Belgian twist on local cuisine delicious and unique,
Recharged with ‘ouzo power’ and postcard views,
The hour comes all too soon,
For reluctant adieux.

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2010 All Rights Reserved

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