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The Amazing Mr Bimble

Our first meeting
Curled in a palm
Under the duvet
Sheltered from harm

Saturday morning string mouse
Magnetic cat fishing
Cartoon running through the house
On laminate flooring

Duvet tunnel daytime shift
Hoover monster short shrift
Curled summer flower pot
Winter claim on warm spot

Distributed collars
As others would favours
Chased his own tail
Cat behaviour

The ginger ninja
Mark of Simba
White sock paw
From under the door

Voiced his joy in mother tongue
Zoom groom soon grew into his purr
Friday treat all laid on
Your usual table, sir?

Out through the flap
In through the window
Tickly tummy
Legs akimbo

Evening greeting
Meeow...eh oh

You could set your watch
So set in his ways
Mouse post notch
Lord of all he surveyed

Access all areas VIP
Abu Simba Bimble Marmaduke Pftang Pftang Olé Biscuit Barrel

Dear old friend

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