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A Seed to be sown

Decision-making attitudes,
Of ‘Sod ‘em ‘n’ tomorrah’,
With band wagon platitudes,
But nothing left to borrow.

Pie in the sky ecobabble,
Blink of an eye bursting bubble,
Aerosol moths and Tweedledumming,
Her spherical veil fast succumbing.

Slick and belch and leak and fell,
A rising tide to break the spell,
Carbon footprints on the lawn,
The bank of life overdrawn.

With tilting Quixote’s put to bed,
Mother’s breath with windmills wed,
Blades that cut through air alone,
Eternal guards of our only home.

Ripples in the bathtub of Poseidon,
White horses’ swell for us to ride on,
From whence we came that Earthly womb,
Sustain us same with sister Moon.

Helium workshop solar flare,
Bathe in the warmth of Aten’s glare,
Photons dance ‘mongst an orchard of panels,
Four billion years for us to channel.

Market in a garden,
Organically fertile,
Chemist in a forest,
Meal without Airmiles.

Which future shape,
Which road to take,
The ‘wise’ ape,
A decision to make.

A path to be taken,
Truth to be known,
Blinkers forsaken,
A seed to be sown.


(Inspired by the work of Roy Harper)

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2008 All Rights Reserved

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