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Casa del Wood

Halfway up Montgó where the water hides,
The cave mouth view stretches wide,
Terracotta islands nestle in the green,
Where sun-kissed artists come to dream.

Rows of plane trees shade the streets,
Palms make perches for parakeets,
Temperate evenings under ambient stars,
Incense vibes at the Buddha bar.

Ibiza’s a short ferry ride away,
A perfect daytrip sightseeing day,
Castello, old town, Babylon ‘n’ Ting,
Churches of dance for bright young things.

And even if it should blow and rain,
The cupboard’s full of fun and games,
So as siesta turns one day to two,
We raise a glass to Jon and Sue.

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2008 All Rights Reserved

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