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End of the Road Festival

There's something going down
In a technicoloured glade
We're all out of town
In a place where dreams are made

Time to take wing
Leave problems by the door
To where music is king
You couldn't ask for more

Truck in your gear
Along the road of bones
open your ears
to an air full of tones

Wear a feather in your hat
To show that's where you're at
Let your heart take the wheel
Your mind start to heal

A badger and a fox
Watch over the Woods
The Tipi alt-rocks
And the Garden's got the goods

Taste the notes
Touch the chords
Clear your throat
Feel rewards

A mini flood becomes a work of art
Picket fence, red-legged flipper and half a shark
There's a library in the Woodland
Lampshades in the trees

A front room piano
sparkles in the breeze
Post-gig wander at midnight
Off the beaten track

Along a path by moonlight
Too early to hit the sack
Hey Ho Let's Go
Down to the Forest Disco

Zip up the night
Pull over the stars
Sleep tight
At least a few hours

A peacock calls and a new day dawns
First band on
Stretch out on the lawn
More treats

No heavy load
New beginnings
At The End of the Road

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2013 All Rights Reserved

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