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Full of the bean,
Wind in your tail,
Wide-eyed gleam,
Blazing your trail.

Scuff scuff litter tray,
Toilet training,
Not outside today,
Cold and raining.

If it moves it's a toy,
Still fun if it don't,
A game out of anything,
Even if it won't.

Up the chimney,
Round the bend,
Playtime scratches,
On the mend.

Crouching tiger,
Hidden pinball,
Tuna treat,
Sudden windfall.

From teeth and claws,
To Kango purr,
From white sock paws,
To ginger blur,
From yawny jaws,
To tumbling fur.

Late night quick snack,
Under the table,
Curly lap cat,
Kitten's cradle.

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2003 All Rights Reserved

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