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Wendy - 2016, (For a dear friend who lived her last years in Greece)

Side By Side - 2015, (Love Poem)

Naxos - 2015, (Greek Island)

Willow Yurt - 2014, (Love Poem)

Andros - 2014, (Wonderful Greek Island)

A Whole Brain - 2013, (for our Silver Wedding Anniversary)

End of the Road Festival - 2013, (for the End of the Road Festival)

1927 Grand Eagle Ball - 2013, (Inspired by an evening with Laura Marling & Secret Cinema)

Two Cicadas - 2012, (Love Poem)

Pictures of You - 2011, (Love Poem)

Door to Door - 2011, (Sci Fi poem on time travel)(Available to listen to as a podcast, EPISODE 18)

What can do all this? - 2011, (To the love of music)

Pages Turn - 2010, (Love Poem)

Alyki - 2010, (Charming Fishing Village on the Greek Island of Paros)

Sir Roderick of Hook's Birthday - 2010, (50th Birthday Poem)

Masala of our years - 2009, (Love Poem)

A One Horse Town - 2009, (Debut Sci Fi poem - broadcast on Episode 98 of Aural Delights, Starshipsofa)(Available to listen to as a podcast, EPISODE 12)

Lucky - 2008, (Love Poem)

Echoes in the sea of sound - 2008, (Tribute to Rick Wright)

Casa del Wood - 2008, (A long weekend in Denia)

Headsup - 2008, (In hope for the Global Village)

A Seed to be Sown - 2008, (Ecopoem - inspired by Roy Harper)

Ticking Clocks - 2007, (Love Poem)

Isle of Jewels - 2007, (A week in Southern Ireland)

You - 2006, (Love Poem)

Images of India - 2006, (Travels in India)

Tempest - 2005, (Love Poem)

Seven Cages - 2005, (What's a modern lifetime?)

Ionian Jewel - 2005, (Enchanted by the Greek island of Kefaloniá) also appears on the Kefalonia Travel Guide website

Pet Words - 2005, (Like, know what I mean?)

Flash in the pan - 2005, (Man has had the briefest of reigns, but has had the greatest impact on the planet of any creature)

Wealth of Information - 2005, (Who are "They" and what do they know?)

Barcelona belongs to you - 2005, (For a fabulous city)

I Quit - 2005, (Out the door fantasy)

Brighton by-the-sea - 2005, (A Poem for our splendid seaside town)

Two Peas in a Pod - 2004, (Love Poem)

Business as usual - 2004, (Comment on the US election)

The Charm of Larmer - 2004, (For the Larmer Tree Festival) Performed at the 2005 festival by the Misguided Tour

Two Halves of a Perfect Whole - 2004, (Wedding poem)

The Great Escape - 2004, (A friend's life changing decision)

Mémoire - 2004, (Tongue-in-cheek look at an aging memory)

And Then - 2003, (Comment on the Iraq War)

Ghataki - 2003, (Poem for our kitten)

From Flux - 2003, (A rhyme - from the novel Flux)

To Flux - 2003, (The main characters adressing Flux - from the novel Flux)

A Ditty for our City - 2002, (Written in the interval at a John Hegley gig & read out by him)

Homo Sapiens - 1995, (A swipe at human stupidity)

King Commute - 1991, (The dehumanisation of cogs in the machine)

Lead Lolly - 1990, (Prophetic attack on debt)

Poll Tax Blues - 1990, (Lyrics about the Tories' Poll Tax)

Summer Sea - 1985, (Light-hearted seaside poem 2)

The Sunbather - 1985, (Light-hearted seaside poem 1)

How do you say? - 1985, (Shy young love)

Dream - 1984, (On Dreaming)

Reflections - 1984, (Thoughts in an idle moment)

The Familiar Groove - 1984, (Concern for a young friend teetering on the brink of alcoholism)

That Future Day - 1983, (One in a series of daydreams about love)

The Curtain Rises - 1983, (One in a series of daydreams about love)

Venus - 1983, (One in a series of daydreams about love)


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