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King of Fools

He’s a toddler’s tantrum
In tangerine
The living nightmare
In the American Dream
A puffing billy
Whistling steam
A crash test dummy
Through politics’ screen

The fool who launched

A thousand memes
The unflushable blockage
In your latrine
A golden statue
Of polystyrene
A nasty trick
On Halloween
The damaged child
Venting its spleen
Impeachment smeared
In vanishing cream

Built a wall from tortillas and hate
His words pour out and obfuscate

No one knows nothing better
A natural born forgetter
Tiny hands and tiny brain
Making America great again
Clings to his reign
By a game of blame
The King of Fools believes his own press

Know his greatness by the trail of mess

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2020 All Rights Reserved

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