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Two Halves of a Perfect Whole

Life flows unpredictably,
New love its greatest gamble,
But more oft than not,
Great treasures come,
From the midst of Fate's preamble.

Our Queen tumbled over the Jack of Hearts,
And fell for him soon after,
Lady Luck's night for Cupid's darts,
The air was filled with laughter.

Winter gave way to a spring in the step,
Who knows what's around the corner?
A promise of the gift of soul mates kept,
As the sun on their faces grew warmer.

Two paths led to the same road,
Two dreams played their role,
Two streams fed a mighty river,
Two halves of a perfect whole.

Two seeds, no matter the weather,
Two bodies henceforth as one life,
Two people here together,
As man and wife.

Please greet James and Yvonne ,
All those who've travelled to Calcot,
Hearts beat together and sing the same song,
As these lovers,
Tie their knot.

So best wishes on your happy day,
The occasion of your betrothal,
All that's left to do and say,
All the love,
At our disposal.

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2004 All Rights Reserved

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