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What can do all this?

Moves the air and sculpts it in waves,
Walks alongside from cradle to grave,
Fingerprints our passion, none the same,
Turns sound into magic, talent to fame.

Unites strangers, bonds lovers and friends,
Timeless one minute, then sets new trends,
Charges emotions, pulls your strings,
Carries you aloft on its sonorous wings.

Sends notes to the mind and memory’s depth,
Covers the land ‘cross its width and breadth,
In every generation, culture and tribe,
Each celebrates its myriad vibes.

It can turn crowd to choir, man to boy,
Ignite sparks to inspire, prick tears of joy,
Shake my bones or tickle my nose,
Fuel rabble-rousers or life-affirming shows.

Cause feet to tap and legs to dance,
Start with a handclap and then entrance,
Warm cold hearts and floodlight the soul,
Its only demand, a pair of ear holes.

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2011 All Rights Reserved

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