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Roy Harper Photos

Where there are more than a few images for any one gig look out for:-

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Komedia, Brighton 20.10.05

What a wonderful night!


Canterbury Fayre 23.8.03


Roy's 60th Birthday - 10th/11th June 2001


Chez Burnham 3.4.2000



Liverpool Royal Court 14th November 1999

A great photo of Roy by Simon Foster

©Copyright Simon Foster 1999


Guildford Festival 24th July 1999

The Spitz - London 13th June 1998

Half Moon - Putney

Suffolk & Goode Festival August 1993


The Forum Theatre -Wythenshaw - Manchester 17.11.91

(With Graeme 'Foxy' Fowler)


2 3



Clair Hall - Haywards Heath 21.10.91

1 2



Glastonbury (soundcheck) June 1990



Marlow Theatre - Canterbury 18.4.1990





New Theatre Royal - Portsmouth 16.4.1988

1 2

More coming soon!

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2004 All Rights Reserved

(Liverpool Royal Court Photograph Copyright ©SFoster 1999 All Rights Reserved)

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