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Universe Pathways - “Universe Pathways” is a Greek magazine specializing in Science-Fiction, fantasy, horror literature and art. It is currently published via Lulu on a six-monthly basis. Well worth reading the eclectic contributions to be found in this publication. See a review written by DJ Burnham on the Lulu site for Issue 5 .


John Hegley - Fabulously droll poetry & one of our favourites



Aphelion - Fantastic monthly Webzine with a huge archive to explore - take a look.

Bewildering Stories - An electronic publication featuring speculative fiction as well as non-fiction: poetry, articles, essays, reviews and art. Beautifully presented and regularly updated, with a very approachable and helpful editor.

All genres are welcome in prose, poetry, drama and non-fiction.

Fiction on the WEB - a site devoted to quality original short stories and poems.


Free The Writer - You can read short stories and novels on-line and provide Feedback to the Authors. You can also publish your own short stories and novels (by chapter) across numerous genre and receive feedback via the popular Feed Back utility.


Silverthought - Terrific speculative fiction site for the internet generation which provides the perfect forum for authors to reach a worldwide audience

Very regular updates and additions make this an exciting site to visit.


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